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Site Last Updated Today: June 18, 2019
Sasha and Jay were hanging out in their apartment making out on the couch. They were fooling around when Jay decided to try something new. Sasha loves to be eaten out, but she has never had her asshole licked before. Watch as she gets her tushy licked for the first time ever!
Brianna and Sarah are both actresses who are also best friends. Brianna and Sarah were relaxing, watching a movie together when Brianna brought up the idea of ass licking. Sarah said she never had it done before and was interested in giving it a try. Watch as Sarah receives her first ass licking by her sexy friend!!
Kristen and Valerie had to get to work after school so they decided to chill at Valerie's place. After getting relaxed, and since they were alone, they decided to enjoy each others company on a higher level. Kristen decided to lick and finger fuck Valerie's ass in a 69 position so she can have her vagina licked at the same time!

Bobby won big at the casinos and decided to order the expensive deluxe package at his favorite massage parlor. Not only does this package come with a wider array of massages, but it comes with two masseuses. The two hot blonds came in and after they massaged him thoroughly, they licked, sucked, and jerked his cock till he exploded all over them!
Samantha drove past Vicki waiting for the school bus Monday morning, and on Tuesday she decided she had to stop her car. After a few minutes of flirting, Samantha knew Vicki liked girls, and they both took a small trek to Sam's house to do a little one on one. Samantha just couldn't keep her tongue away from Vicki's asshole, and she instantly dive in, licking every little spot around the blonde's sphincter. The two went at it for what seemed like several hours, licking and exploring each other until the sun began to fade!
Britney and Kelly just met for the first time a few minutes ago, but they can barely keep their eyes off of each other. Instantly, they knew they had a connection. After taking off each other clothes, they both got down to business. Kelly obviously knows what she likes, and headed straight for Britney's ass. Kelly made sure she covered every inch, licking her tushy top to bottom. Kelly licked and sucked Britney's ass for what seemed like hours!
Karen is a sexy blonde actress who recently moved in with her friend Kari. Because auditions demand that Karen keep an open schedule for auditions, she couldn't take on a job so Kari allowed her to stay with her for a few weeks rent free. The only thing she asked of her in return was a few nights of strapon sex a week!
Jenna and Paulina rented a hotel and decided to watch some porn when they got bored. They watched a sexy scene with ass licking and thought it looked hot! They were so turned on, they were inspired to try that themselves!
Dolly is a hot blond with a a big ass and a great pair of tits, and Janey is a hot Nubian slut. After they got horny from watching some porn, they started making out and grabbing each other all over. When Janey couldn't take the sexual tension any longer, she ripped off Dolly's thong and tongued down her beautiful round ass!
A very beautiful skinny girl named Sara meets up with her best friend to watch a movie together. They get bored watching the movie and Sara's friend tells her that she has a good idea. She pulls out a vibrator and Sara thinks it's a great idea. Using her tongue, Sara's friend gets her ass nice and wet and gives her an amazing ass insertion and tongue fucking!
As they were making out, getting ready to get busy with each other, Tabitha asked her girlfriend Zena if she would want to try something different. Tabitha went on to explain that she read a book on sex that described how great tushy licking felt. Zena was a little shocked but she was also very aroused from the thought. Zena bent over so Tabitha could like her ass and her sopping wet pussy!
Awhile back Liz had a crazy dream where her best friend, Gina, took off all her clothes and licked her ass. After she told Gina about her night time visions, Gina told her that she'd like to make her dreams come true. Gina sensually undress Liz and then bends her over and begins licking her ass. Before long, their locked in an ass licking 69!
Bonus Update
Melissa goes to the masseuse every week, but when she went this time, her usual masseuse was replaced by Adam. She had never had a massage from a guy before and was hesitant to let him. But she was sore and gave in easily. While he was caressing her bare skin with his strong hands, she couldn't help but get turned on. Adam moved his body near her head to work on Melissa's shoulders and she started unzipping his pants! She pulled out his cock and got the extra special erotic massage she really wanted!
Lillian was hanging out with her gf Monica at their apartment with nothing better to do on a Monday night. While watching TV, Lillian brings up the idea of ass licking. Monica never tried it before but was very interested. They start making out and tearing each other's clothes off. After Lillian gets Monica completely naked, she bends her over and deeply tongue fucks in her beautiful ass!








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