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A Milf Having Fun With An 18 Year Old!
Jennifer went over to visit her best friend Sally's house to wait for her to get home from school. Sally's mother Susan invited Jennifer into the house and the two girls started chatting together. Susan admitted to Jennifer that she had a crush on her. Jennifer just blushed and thanked her, but Susan had better ideas in mind. She walked over to the cute 18 year old gave her a kiss, then slowly undressed her!
Lori was at a photo shoot getting her makeup prepared for her big screen debut. She had about 2 hours before her scene came up and was just hanging out with her makeup artist chatting away. The makeup artist was in total awe of how cute Lori was and told her she was very attracted to her. The two girls started flirting then started kissing. Within a few minutes Lori had her panties down around her ankles and getting her ass licked by her horny makeup artist!
Julie and her friend Maryanne were hanging out in their house and were really bored. Julie told Maryanne that her boyfriend had licked her ass for the first time last night and that it felt amazing! Maryanne said it sounded interesting and was curious to see what it felt like. Watch as she gets her ass licked for the first time by her best friend!
Catrina and Victoria took the day off from classes to relax and lounge around Victoria's house. After a few hours of watching TV, the girls were bored. Victoria confessed to Catrina she was feeling a little horny and would love to have her ass licked. She asked Catrina if she would lick it. "Of course", Catrina said."How can I turn down a beautiful ass like that!"
Krissy invited her friend Rebecca Black over a few weeks ago, so she could take her ass virginity. After that day of hot oral sex in the hot tub, ass licking was all that she could think about. She could not believe it felt that good! But being a good friend, she wanted to show her appreciation and thanks to Krissy. So this time Rebecca invited Krissy over for a repeat session. Only this time, she wanted to be the one who did the licking!
After best of friends Kayla and Virginia came back from a hot day on the beach, they were itching for something exciting to do. Kayla had some racy thoughts in her mind. While she was massaging sunscreen into Virginia earlier, she got so wet and horny. So Kayla asked Virginia if she'd mind a super ass licking and she answered by bending over and spreading her cheeks!
Jackie and her boyfriend just broke up so she was feeling terrible, so she decided to invite over her best friends, Alexa and Roxy, to make her feel better. She gives them a call and they arrive shortly afterwards. Alexa asks her if as nice ass licking would cheer her up, and that quickly made Jackie smile. Jackie responds by stripping off her clothes and the other two hotties follow suit. Next thing you know, her friends are tonguing her down and Jackie's bad day is her best day of the month!
Sara and Michelle were house sitting at their bosses mansion while he was away on a business trip. The two girls took turns cleaning, and making sure everything was in order. Once they were finished, they were playing around with each other in the office, and started getting kissing and caressing each other. Being in such a beautiful house really got the girls turned on. Michelle pulled down Sara's shorts exposing her big firm round ass. Michelle couldn't keep her hands off of it, and after slowly removing her panties gave her friend a very deep ass licking of a lifetime!
Linda was hanging out with her girlfriend Crystal at their apartment with nothing better to do on a Friday night. While watching TV, Linda brings up the idea of ass licking. Crystal never tried it before but was very interested. They start making out and tearing each other's clothes off. After Linda gets Crystal completely naked, she bends her over and deeply tongue fucks in her beautiful ass!
Kristen and Crystal were hanging out together after work. They are both bartenders at one of the hottest strip clubs in the city. After work they decided to take showers then settle down. After a few minutes of kissing and touching each other, Crystal rips off Kristen's panties and proceeds to give her a very deep anal tongue fucking!
Lisa and Nicole were best friends. They had just gotten back from the movies and were getting ready to start tanning. Lisa noticed how pretty Nicole was looking and asked her if she could see her ass. Nicole complied and turned around for her friend to see. Getting very horny, Lisa asked if she could lick her friends ass. Nicole was so excited, she bent over and let Lisa lick her tushy for what seemed like hours!
Caitlin recently became a lesbian and after she read in a magazine about how sensual ass licking could be, she really wanted to try it on her girlfriend Kendra. Kendra couldn't have been a better sport. When Caitlin asked Kendra if she'd be open to some salad tossing, she answered by bending over and spreading her ass cheeks for Caitlin!








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