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Sara got home from work and found her hot roommate waiting for her on the couch. She was extremely horny and knew that today was "her day". Her and her roommate take turns pleasing every day so she was very excited by releasing some of her sexual tension!
Michael and his girlfriend Lisa were watching porn together on TV when Lisa pointed out that the girl was getting her asshole licked. She thought it looked weird, but Michael assured her it was normal. Watch as she gets her ass licked just like in the movie!
Cara and Liz were enjoying a beautiful day in the jacuzzi when Cara brought up the idea of ways to make the day more enjoyable. Cara told Liz that she wanted to lick her ass and Liz agreed it would be fun. Watch as these two first time ass lickers enjoy some jacuzzi size analingus!
Monique and Heather were outside enjoying the beautiful weather, and talking about their recent sex stories. Monique told Heather how she met a guy who licked her asshole and it felt so good. Heather said she never had it done before and wanted to see what it felt like. Watch Monique lick and finger Heather's asshole!
Vanessa and her roommate Sara were sitting in bed talking about their recent sexual escapades. Vanessa admitted that she recently had her asshole licked by some guy she met and it was unbelievable. Sara said she never had it done before and asked her roommate to try it out on her!
Jasmine and Halie had a project to do after school so they met up in their classroom to go over the project. There was no one around so the girls decided to fool around with each other. They stripped off each other's clothing and Halie got her ass licked right on the classroom floor!
Ashley Fine and her best friend decided to stay in on a Saturday night and have a movie night together. They decided to rent a porno they saw at the local movie rental store. In the movie one of the girls has her asshole licked. Ashley thinks that it looks like fun and wants to give it a try! Watch as she has her asshole licked by her best friend for the first time.
Katie and Halie work at a fetish bar in the city. Late one night after work after everyone left, it was just the two of them alone. They were tired of cleaning, so they decided to find something else to do in order to pass time. They decide a nice ass licking will definately be a good time!
Paula and Katie were hanging out by the pool enjoying their day off from work. The two girls decided to go skinny dipping and when Paula saw Katie naked for the first time she couldn't keep her eyes or hands off of her! She asked if she could touch her ass and Katie said no problem. She then asked if she could lick her ass! Watch the entire movie now!
Halie came home from cheerleading practice and found her best friend Tara sitting on the couch waiting for her. Tara told her that she was looking very sexy today and would love to have a little kiss. The little kiss turned into a lot more than they expected! Watch these sexy girls lick each others tushys!








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