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Nikki and Leanne were hanging out in their apartment trying to figure out what they could do at night. They didn't want to go clubbing, so they decided to stay in and enjoy each other's company! Watch as they start making out on the couch, then turn their innocent kissing into some hardcore asslicking!
Halie's house was cold so Susan decided to warm up by the fire. As she was standing in front of the fire warming up, Halie commented on how nice her ass looked. Susan thanked her and moved closer to the couch so Halie could get a better look. Halie could barely keep her hands (and tongue) to herself!
Nanci was hanging out with her friend Sara. They were both bored and decided to think of something that would keep them both busy. Nanci jokingly said she would like to lick her asshole. Sara said that it sounded like a good time! Watch as they take turn tongue fucking each others assholes!
Maria and Sara are two models who are also best friends. Maria and Sara were hanging out watching television together when Maria brought up the idea of ass licking. Sara said she never had it done before and was interested in giving it a try. Watch as Sara receives her first ass licking by her sexy friend!
Jill and Loren have been planning an ass licking party for a while, and today was the day! Watch as Jill seductively lifts up Loren's skirt exposing her tight firm ass. Shen then teasingly licks Loren's panties. She pulls the panties to the side, and gives her asshole a nice long asslicking!
Busty red headed Lori and her classmate Rebecca were hanging out after school in their teachers classroom. They had to do an assignment, but were really bored with it. Lori brought up the idea of ass licking, and Rebecca thought it sounded interesting. Watch as she gets her ass licked really deep on the teachers desk!
Kim and Samantha had a project to do for their class so they decided to stay after school to work on it. The girls were really bored so they decided to snoop through the teachers desk. While looking through their teachers stuff they found a vibrator! They decided to give it a try. Watch as Kim gets her tushy licked deep by her horny classmate!
Sierra and Jamie were on vacation together for Spring Break. They were very anxious to have a great time together. After drinking for a few hours they were both a little tipsy and a lot horny. Sierra said she wanted to try something on her and Jamie was very happy to let her. Watch as Jamie gets a very deep ass licking from her best friend!
Charlie Lane met up with her best friend Jenna Haze to watch some movies. Instead of watching movies, the girls decide to entertain each other. Jenna helps Charlie remove her clothing exposing her long firm legs and ass. She then pulls down her panties and gives her asshole a nice long erotic licking!
Jamie was hanging out with her roommate at their apartment and were talking about their week. Jamie told her roommate that her boyfriend recently tried licking her ass, and she was really nervous and woudn't let him. Her roommate convinced her that it would feel good, and wanted to demonstrate. Reluctantly, Jamie agreed to let her roommate lick her ass!
Martinne and Sam are models who are very sexually open. They were discussing their turn-ons when Martinne tells Sam how she loves it when she has her tight ass licked and fucked with a tongue. Sam says she has never done it before but are willing to try!
Kristen is Jen's personal sex slave. Kristen gets free rent, and free food just as long as she pleases Jen whenever she wants. Jen was a little horny and wanted her asshole licked. She calls Kristen into the room, and Kristen performs with a smile!








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