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Mandy and her best friend decided to stay in on a Saturday night and have a movie night together. They decided to rent a porno they saw at the local movie rental store. In the movie one of the girls has her asshole licked. Mandy thinks that it looks like fun and wants to give it a try! Watch as she has her asshole licked by her best friend for the first time.
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Samantha bought a new sexy outfit and wanted to show if off to her roomate Karen. The new outfit was very revealing and showed off all of her curves. Karen got one look at Samantha, and she got really turned on. She told Samantha that she really wanted to lick her ass! Watch Karen lick Samantha's ass for the first time!
Susan and Katie were enjoying a nice relaxing day off from work and were very bored. Susan thought it would be a great idea if the two girls got to "know" each other a little better! Susan quickly stripped off Katie's clothing exposing her beautiful firm ass. She then bent her over and gave her ass a very erotic ass licking!
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Nikki and LeAnne were hanging out at their apartment with nothing better to do on a Saturday night. While hanging out watching TV, Nikki brings up the idea of ass licking. LeAnne never tried it before but was very interested. Watch as Nikki gets her tushy deeply tongue fucked by her best friend!
Jennifer and her friend Sara met up for some hardcore action! They met on the internet and after taking one look at Jennifer's round ass, Sara knew she hit the jackpot! She strips her down, pulls down her panties, and gives Jennifer's tushy a very deep tongue fucking!
Shy and Rita were hanging out at their apartment. The two girls had nothing to do and were a little bored so they decided to clean. Shy looked behind the couch and found her old glass dildo. She showed Rita who thought it looked very tempting! Shy said she was out of lube, but Rita had a great idea! Watch as Shy uses her tongue to get Rita's ass nice and wet, then fucks her deep with the dildo!
Gina was staying at a hotel for business and was very lonely. She decided to call a local escort service to get a girl to keep her company. To her surprise, the girl that showed up was a beautiful blonde! They wasted no time, and started kissing. Next thing you know, Gina was licking the escort's asshole!
Keanna and Haley had a project to do after class and since no one was around they decided to enjoy their "alone" time together. Keanna quickly removes Haley's clothing and gets her onto the desk. She then bends her over and using a dildo and her tongue gives Haley a nice anal orgasm!








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