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Christina Applebottom and Megan Joy were hanging out together one night at their apartment. The girls were very horny and since both of their boyfriends were away they only had each other! After a few minutes of kissing, they strip off their clothing and Megan received a very deep ass licking!
Isis Love called her friend Jason to come over to hang oug. She hasn't been with a guy in a few months and is very horny. When he got there she told him she was watching an adult video and saw the guy licking the girls ass. She told Jason she was curious to see what it felt like. He was happy to oblige! Watch as he licks her ass nice and deep!
It was a beautiful day outside so Chelsie Rae and Lucious Lopez decided to skip their classes and head to the beach. Both of the girls were excited to relax and enjoy the beautiful day. While they were changing Lucious got a little horny. Looking at Chelsie's beautiful body really turned her on. Before they even got out the door, the two girls were all over each other. Watch as Chelsie gets her ass licked nice and deep!
Alicia Angel was hanging out with her two older friends Philisha Ann and Kelly Brooks at her apartment. The three girls were talking and brought up the idea of ass licking. Alicia being the youngest said she never experienced analingus before and was curious to give it a try. Her two friends thought it was a great idea and gave her an ass licking she would never forget!
Isis Love got home from work and her best friend Syndee and Kayla Quinn were waiting for her at her apartment. The two girls had the perfect idea to give Isis for her birthday. They were going to give her a deep ass licking! Watch as these two girls give Isis the anal tongue licking of her life!
Christina came home from work to find her best friend Megan Joy waiting for her. Megan had a great night with her boyfriend and had her ass licked for the first time. She was anxious to share the news with her best friend. Christina thought it sounded very erotic so she wanted to give it a try! Watch as Megan gives her best friend a deep ass licking!
Cassie Young went to hang out with her best friend Cheyenne for the day. The two girls were hanging out and fooling around when Cheyenne pulled out her new ass plug. Cassie thought it looked very sexy and wanted to give it a try. Cheyenne was all out of lube, so she used her tongue to get Cassie's ass nice and wet!
Cindy and her best friend Aline went out to a club, and after a late night of partying arrived back at their house. They were so excited from partying they decided to continue enjoying each other's company at home. They started kissing and quickly stripped off their clothing. Cindy then bent Aline over and gave her a very deep ass licking!
Best friends Harmony Rose & Alexis Silver have been roommates now for a few months. After a night of partying together they got home and decided to fool around. Alexis's boyfriend licked her ass a few days before and she was telling Harmony how great it was...so she decided to show her!
Naomi came home from a long day of work to find her best friend Katja Kassin waiting for her in her bedroom. The girls got down to business right away! Naomi stripped off her clothing exposing her beautiful firm ass in tight stockings. Katja slowly stripped off her panties and gave her asshole a deep licking!
Erin Moore was hanging out with her best friend at her house. Erin's friend bought her a new strapon dildo so the girls wanted to test it out. They were all out of lube so she bent over and gave Erin a very deep ass licking. Before fucking her deep with the strapon dildo!
It was Jack's birthday so his girlfriend brought her best friend over for a "Birthday Threesome" The two girls start off taking turns sucking his cock. While he gets his cock sucked by his girlfriends friend, his girlfriend licks her ass! After her ass is nice and wet, Jack fucks her deep in her tushy!








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