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Site Last Updated Today: August 20, 2019
Megan Reece and Mackenzie Pierce are two young hot chicks. After they came back from the beach, they were itching for something to do. Megan had some x-rated thoughts in her mind. While she was massaging sunscreen into Mackenzie earlier, she got so wet and horny. So Megan asked Mackenzie if she'd mind a super ass licking and she answered by bending over and spreading her cheeks!
Veronica Rayne was hanging out with her friend Vanessa. Vanessa is a hot bisexual who has been hot for Veronica for quite some time now. Who could blame her? Veronica has huge titties and an awesome body. She was able to convince Veronica into girl on girl action, but with a little twist. Vanessa planned on licking Veronica's neck, titties, stomach, and clit, but she wasn't going to stop there. She also planned on eating out her asshole. When Veronica found out, she was more than happy to oblige.
Carmen Valentine invited her friend Angelica Black over a few weeks ago, so she could take her ass virginity. After that day of hot oral sex in the hot tub, ass licking was all that she could think about. She could not believe it felt that good! But being a good friend, she wanted to show her appreciation and thanks to Carmen. So this time Angelica invited Carmen over for a repeat session. Only this time, she wanted to be the one who did the licking!
Get ready for some hot interracial ass licking! McKenzie's a hot blonde and her girlfriend is a hot ebony princess named Monique. Moniques never had her ass licked ever before and McKenzie is here to pop her cherry. Monique was hesitant at first, but the second McKenzie's tongue touched her asshole and sent shivers up her spine, she couldn't get enough. Watch this episode and you too will become a big fan of M&M's - only this eye candy melts in your mouth and your hands!
Joclyn and her boyfriend of 5 years just broke up so she was feeling majorly down. She decided to turn to her best friends, Aline and Richelle, to help cheer her up. She gives them a call and they arrive shortly afterwards. Aline asks her if as nice ass licking would cheer her up, and that quickly turned her frown upside down. Joclyn responds by stripping off her clothes and the other two hotties follow suit. Next thing you know, her friends are tonguing her down and Joclyn's bad day just became a great one!
Carmen Valentine invited her friend Angelica Black to come over when her parents where gone so that they could try out the new hot tub. Angelica was under the impression that there were going to just take an innocent relaxing dip in the jacuzzi but Carmen had different other plans in mind. Before Angelica was even waist deep in the sud filled water, Carmen asked her to take off all her clothes. Angelica was hesitant, but she eventually obliged and was even open to some hardcore ass licking!
A few weeks ago, boyfriend mike came home to find his girlfriend, Carly Parker, going down on Haley Paige. Things could have turned out really bad, but Mike is a smart guy, and made the best of the situation. When his girl asked him to join he didn't hesitate for a second and next thing you know it turns out to be a vagina and ass licking fest! After that happend, things next went back to the way things were before the accident. Mike and Carly felt like there was just something missing from their sex life. That something is Haley Paige. So they decided to give that hot slut a call again and have another hot threeway!
You get the best of both worlds with Hollie Stevens and Moni Michaels. Hollie is a smoking hot blonde with a thick booty and Moni is a jaw dropping brunette with big tits that sit nicely on her toned and sexy bod. These two roomies lucked out when they found each other - both girls happened to be ass-licking fiends. One day while showing each other new lingerie, Hollie asked Moni if she'd want to have her ask licked. Moni prentended like she had no idea what it was, but less than a second after the question was asked she was bent over and ready to receive!
Logan Steele was hanging out at home with his girlfriend Heidi Mayne. Like any normal couple that has been together for awhile, with time, their sex life started getting old and routine. Logan thought it was time to spice things up. When he brought up the idea of tushy licking, his girlfriend couldn't have been a better sport. In fact she's been wanting to try it since she saw it in a porn and thought it'd feel damn good. Next thing you know their sex life was jump started again thanks to some good old butt licking!
Richelle Ryan starts telling her girlfriends about how her boyfriend requested that she lick his asshole. She couldn't do it because she was afraid to and also because she didn't know how to do it right. Her girlfriends decide then and there to get her over her fear and to show her how great asshole licking can be!
Kayla was at home by herself feeling upset over a fight she had with her bf. After awhile of moping around, she decided that since guys did nothing but cause her problems, why not try switching over to the other side. That night she went out and found two hot babes at a local night club. They decided to go back to her place and they helped bring her spirits back up!
Havana invites over her friend to a lingerie party. To the Nubian hottie's surprise, it is just the two of them. Turns out Candy has another surprise in store for her - that is - an offer to lick her cute ass. Her friend is hesitant but is too curious to say no. Watch this hot interracial ass licking action heat up your monitor!








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