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Debbie is a hot blond bombshell that looks like Barbie, and Janice is a sexy Nubian slut. When they come together, all bets are off. They started out with some light kissing and caressing, then when Debbie couldn't take the sexual tension any longer, she ripped off Janice's thong and tongued down her beautiful round ass!
On this hot episode of Tushy Lickers, east meets west as our petite little geisha Niyu licks Maddy's fine ass. Niyu is a foreign exchange student and Maddy's family is housing her for the year. Niyu was so grateful for Maddy showing her the amazing things offered by America that she wanted to return the favor by showing Maddy some hot sexual practices from her mother country!
Roommates Carolyn Reese and Melanie decided to go to the gym. While they were changing next to each other, they couldn't help but notice how attracted they were to each other. So Melanie decided to go on a limb and suggest some ass and vagina licking as a warm up before they workout. Carolyn answered by stripping everything else off and Melanie followed suit. Melanie bent over to expose her hot asshole. Carolyn walked over and give her crack a wet tongue bath!
Get ready for some hot Nubian tushy licking action. Sinnamon Love invited her hot friend, Jada Fire, over to watch some television. Jada brought over a porn she stole from her brother that was entitled Sex Fetishes. When they saw some ass licking on the screen, Sinnamon admitted that she always wanted to try that. They were both horny and Jada was more than happy to oblige. She bent over, and pulled down her panties so that Jada could run her tongue up and down her sweet ass!
Kinzy Jo and Amber Rayne, two smoking hot sorority sisters, were hanging out talking about how tired they were of boys. The more they talked, the more they realized that only girls can understand girls best. Amber tentatively joked around about having the ability to please her better than any guy ever has, and Kinzy tentatively joked around about how she wouldn't mind that... Well the joking led to some touching, and the touching led to an all out ass licking vagina fingering fest!
Monique and McKenzie will heat up your monitor with this hot interracial ass licking scene. Monique has never had the pleasure of tasting McKenzie's sweet booty and today she gets her chance. When Monique asked her if she'd ever consider letting her lick a little further south when she goes down on her, McKenzie told her no, but she'd like very much to try it!
Veronica Rayne is a hot piece of white bread, Mackenzie is another toasty piece of white bread, and Niyu is the warm and tastey butter filing in the middle. These girls put on a nice strip tease before Veronica and Niyu bend over Mackenzie and spread her legs for a sensual and hot ass licking!
Isis Love, her best friend Syndee, and Kayla Quinn are three of the freakiest hot lesbian bitches you could ever hope to meet. The three of them are in heat and want nothing more than to satisfy there sexual cravings. Watch as these three girls tongue each other down in every position you can think of in one of the hottest lesbian interracial scenes available!
Christina Applebottom and Tiffany were hanging out together after work. They are both bartenders at one of the hottest strip clubs in the city. After work they decided to take a showers then settle down with each other. After a few minutes of kissing and touching each other, Tiffany bends Christina over the couch and proceeds to give her a very deep anal tongue fucking!
Veronica Rayne and Vanessa give new meaning to BFF. These two long time friends took their relationship to the next level when Vanessa, a hot bisexual, let Veronica know that she's always had the hots for her. What follow'd was a hot session of ass licking. Since then, Veronica has been hooked. She's been receiving regular visits from Vanessa's tongue to her ass for the last month. Now it's Veronica's turn to return the favor!.
When Jessica's parents left the house, she called her bf over so they could fuck around before they came home. When her bf arrived, he wanted to try something different, outside of conventional sex. He told her that he was watching a porn that involved ass licking and he was surprised how turned on it got him. So Jessica invited him to try the real thing. He exposed Jessica's perfect ass and vagina and went to town on her asshole while she touched herself!
Cindy and her best friend Aline went out to a club, and after a late night of partying arrived back at their house. They were so excited from partying they decided to continue enjoying each other's company at home. They started kissing and quickly stripped off their clothing. Aline then bent Cindy over and gave her a very deep ass licking








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