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Site Last Updated Today: August 20, 2019
Jamaica and Ebony have been friends since they were toddlers. However, Jamaica's always had a thing for Ebony. Jamaica decided to come clean and tell her that she not only has the hots for her gorgeous friend, but she also has an ass licking fetish. To Jamaica's suprise and joy, Ebony said she'd be into experimenting with her, being that their such good friends. Jamaica didn't waste another moment. They stripped each other down and Jamaica got to do everything she ever wanted with her best boussom friend!
While on vacation at the beach for a week, girlfriends Carolyn and Melanie passed by their neighbors gorgeous beach house everyday and there never seemed to be anyone home. So they decided to be a little adventurous and naughty. They slipped in through the open gate and put a blanket next to a man made waterfall and got ready for some outdoor fun. Melanie undressed Carolyn and herself and proceeded to give her the tongue bath of the century. Her tongue found her away all over her body, her clit, and then into her fine asshole!
Bonus Update
Lisa got home from work and laid down to take a nap. While she was resting her best friends Sheila and Sativa Rose stopped by to visit her. They found her on the couch resting and Sativa told Sheila to watch what she was going to do. She waked over to the couch, pulled down Lisa's panties and proceeded to give her a deep tongue asslicking!
Gina was sick and tired of her bf, Ken, not paying attention to her. So she took out the batteries from the remote so the tv wouldn't be a distraction for him. When Ken sat down to watch some tv, she came in with nothing but lingerie on. She also told him that she's been feeling neglected. So he decided to make her feel better with some ass kissing, literally! He pulled her tight, and took off her clothes and proceeded to give her the best asslicking of her life!
Tiffany and Michelle decided to take a dip in their hot tub. It was just supposed to be an innocent dip in soothing hot water and playful bubbles, but things don't always go as planned. First it was a playful back rub, then that led to some gentle kisses on the neck, then the back, and then Tiffany's tongue found it's way into Michelle's sweet and plumb ass!
Maddy is a daring lesbo and after she read in a magazine about how sensual ass licking could be, she wanted to try it on her girlfriend Tayla. Tayla couldn't have been a better sport. When Maddy asked Tayla if she'd be open to some salad tossing, she answered by bending over and spreading her ass cheeks for Maddy!
Jill's girlfriend Maria was taken away on business for over a month. While she was gone, Maria missed Jill very much. Sure she missed her companion, the sex, but oddly enough, the thing she found that she missed the most was Maria's ass licking skills. So as soon as she came through the door, she bent over the pool table and asked Jill for what she's been craving for. Jill saw her fine tushy and was more than happy to oblige!
Katrina and Adesina are two hot strippers that can't get enough of each other! These two slutty beauties were putting on a show for the boys at the gentleman's lounge, and after it was over, they decided to continue the action back stage. Adesina directed Katrina on to the couch and then proceeded to strip her naked as she licked her ass oh so nicely!
Bonus Update
Barbie was kicked out of her house so she has been living with her best friend Sandra rent free for the past couple of weeks. Sandra got home from work and asked Barbie if she finally found a job so she could pay some rent. Barbie admitted that she hasn't even tried to find a job, and Sandra was really pissed off. She didn't know how to convince Barbie to get a job, so instead she decided to show her! Watch as she gives Barbie a very hard and deep strapon punishment!
Jessie and Erin are two smoking hot friends that decided to go to the casino to win some money. Unfortunately, things don't go as planned and they ended up losing most of their money. So with no cash on hand and their credit cards maxed out, they decided to spend the rest of their time inside their hotel room. They ordered a porn on demand, and it turned out to be an ass licking video. They got so turned on watching the porn flick that they decided to try it in real life!
Barbie and Xena look like two hot super heroes from porn land! Not only do they both have the killer bodies, big titties, small waists, long legs, and luscious asses, but on this week's Tushy Lickers, these girls are sporting leather bathing suits! Watch as Xena bends Barbie over before she lubes up her asshole with her tongue and plunges two different types of dildos deep into her ass!
Tiffany and Tonya were in a hardcore makeout session when Tiffany's BF Tom interupted the two with his arrival. Rather than getting mad about Tiffany's infedelity, he decided to make the best of the situation by getting in on the action himself. He told the two to get naked and bend over, revealing two beautiful pussies and assholes. He went down on his knees himself so he could lick both of their cracks till he had his fill!








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