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Site Last Updated Today: July 17, 2019
Gina invited her friend Felicia to come over when her parents where gone so that they could try out the new bathtub. Felicia was under the impression that there were going to just take an innocent relaxing dip in the bath but Gina had different other plans in mind. Before Felicia was even waist deep in the sud filled water, Gina asked her to take off all her clothes. Felicia was hesitant, but she eventually obliged and was even open to some hardcore ass licking!

Gina and Vicki had to go to work after school but they had some time to kill so they decided to hang at Vicki's place. After a few minutes of the two girls being alone, they decided to enjoy each others company on a higher level. Gina decided to lick and finger fuck Vicki's ass in a 69 position so she can have her pussy licked at the same time! Watch as these two girls enjoy some hardcore anal licking!

Trini and Rebecca had been dating for about three months now. Trini thought she knew everything there was to know about Rebecca, but when Rebecca said she really wanted to try eating out her girlfriends asshole, Trini was truly surprised. Rebecca even brought a little pink dildo to help ease Trini into the mood. After a few minutes, the two were having the best anal sex they have had in their entire relationship! Trini wanted to make sure that asslicking became a regular part of their sex life!

These two girls, Ginger and Tina, had been eyeing each other for quite some time now. Ginger finally went up to her and invited her back to her apartment. The two instantly jumped onto the couch and ripped off each others panties and began licking each others assholes. Tina had never been licked so good! Watch these two horny lesbians tongue each others assholes dry!

Both Kelly and Gina had been dating online and were extremely excited to see each other over the weekend at their favorite hot spot. So when the opportunity finally came to meet, Kelly had to ask her new friend to test out her new sex experience, anal tushy licking! Happy to oblige her friend, Kelly bent over and pulled down her panties. Gina stuck her face in between her new friends cheeks and began slurping away!

Kevin hadn't tasted or licked any ass for about six months now, so when he had the opportunity when his hot friend Shelly was over, he couldn't help but ask her if he could. Happy to oblige her friend, she bent over and pulled down her panties. Kevin stuck his face in between her cheeks and began slurping. Kevin had the best ass licking experience he ever had. Watch as he rubs her nice firm ass while deep tonguing her ass right on his office desk. She got so turned on she begged him for his cock and he was happy to oblige. She sucked on his cock until it got nice and wet then fucked her deep in her pussy and ass!

Kristen and her boyfriend just broke up so she was feeling majorly down. She decided to turn to her best friends, Erica and Rachel, to help cheer her up. After calling them they arrive shortly. Erica asks her if as nice ass licking would cheer her up. Kristen responds by stripping off her clothes and the other two hotties follow suit. Next thing you know, her friends are tonguing her down licking every inch of her ass!

Bonus Update
Marlene was staying at her friend Sara's house for a few weeks. Marlene came home from work and found some pizza left in the refrigerator and decided to eat it. When Sara came home she found the empty pizza box and was pissed off. After a long day of work she just wanted to eat dinner and go to sleep so when there was no pizza left she decided to teach Marlene a lesson with a hard anal strapon punishment!

Madison is a daring lesbo and after she read in a magazine about how sensual ass licking could be, she wanted to try it on her girlfriend Heather. Heather couldn't have been a better sport. When Madison asked Heather if she'd be open to some salad tossing, she answered by bending over and spreading her ass cheeks for Madison for some hardcore asslicking!

Nicky and Jaymie were working out together in the gym. Nicky wanted to show Jaymie her new exercise that she does to tighten her ass. After showing off a few reps on how to do it properly, Jaymie was curious if it really worked. Nicky told her there was only one way to find out! She slid down her panties and bent over showing off her tight asshole. Her asshole was so tight Jaymie couldn't even get her finger into it without some spit. She bent over and licked Nicky's asshole until it was nice and wet and continued to lick it while fingering her tight ass!

Alex invited her friend Vanessa to come over when her parents where gone so that they could relax and talk. Vanessa had just sat down when Alex asked her to take off all her clothes. Vanessa was hesitant, but she eventually obliged and was even open to some hardcore asslicking!

Tina was sick and tired of her boyfriend, Jeff, not paying attention to her, so she thought of different ways to distract him. When Jeff sat down to watch some tv, she came in wearing nothing but lingerie. Jeff decided to make her feel better with some ass licking, and pulled her tight, and took off her clothes and proceeded to give her the best ass licking of her life!

Jenny had a date with her beautiful lesbian friend Nicole. The two girls are very sexy and can't keep their hands off of each other. Nicole is quick to bend Jenny over the couch and pull down her panties exposing her cute firm ass. She then gave Jenny's asshole a very erotic ass licking!








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